History and mission
Metal Lenti born in 1970 as a general society with a small laboratory for glass lenses coloration trought a vacuum system and the glances assembly, with annexed a small warehouse for the sale of relative lenses. The entrepreneurial idea was to give a professional service to the optical stores of the city and province that had to address to external laboratories (Milan - Bologna)
In 1986 the society change is denomination from snc to srl, with an increment of the relative organic.
The laboratory is magnified: they acquire new edgers for the lenses assembly, special welders for the repair of glass form and apparatures for the plastic lenses coloration. In 2000 born a new branch in Bologna, for the Emilia Romagna market

In the meantime, one of the associates begins a profitable collaboration with one manufaturing Japanese company of edger and ophtalmic lenses groover, beyond to other machines for optical laboratory. The import of there equipments increases of year in year and the society is the actual partner for import of this Japanese company. MetalLenti currently operates in Itlay: Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Tuscany. And in other Country: Croatia, France, Slovenia, Rumania, Portugal, Spain and Ucraina